Is It Time for You to Switch to a Holistic Dentist?

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Holistic dentistry is gaining popularity these days. With this practice on the rise, numerous questions are sparked in the minds of many. Danbury Dental Services aim to shed light on this recent practice gaining the ranks. Read on if you want to know more about holistic dentistry and to find out if it is time to switch to a holistic dentist. We are providing some important points below!

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Holistic dentists consider the mouth’s connection to the body

Holistic dentists understand that the procedures they perform on your teeth will have lasting effects on the rest of your body. They also know that what goes inside your body, may it be positive or negative, will have serious consequences for your mouth. This is sometimes referred to as the “Mouth-Body Connection.” Due to their understanding of this connection, they will take time to have a conversation with you and gather information about your general health, diet, lifestyle as well as your mental and emotional health. This is a consideration they take in order to determine the best approach for both your overall well being and dental health.

Holistic dentists practice integrative medicine

Integrative medicine is a combination of traditional dentistry with other forms of therapies in dental practice. This approach aims for a fuller approach to care. One big focus for holistic dentists is the nature of the relationships between the structure of the teeth, jaw, head, and neck. 

Holistic dentists pursue natural procedures

Holistic dentists opt to avoid invasive procedures as much as they can. Instead, they go for natural, preventative remedies to common dental problems. X-rays are sparingly used, and they mostly do not offer procedures that are common in traditional practice. The importance of nutrition as the first defense against dental problems is what holistic dentists stress out. If you have dental issues that require treatment, holistic dentists offer natural remedies. 

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