The Benefits Brought by Wearing Retainers

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You might wonder why you need retainers, especially after achieving your dream smile with the help of your orthodontic treatment. The thought of wearing another device in your mouth can be disheartening; however, remember that retainers are the key to keeping that straight smile in place. Retainers are generally used as the last phase of orthodontic treatment to keep the teeth from moving out of place. This is because the teeth can gradually shift back into their improper positions after removing braces. Thus, retainers are worn as advised by dentists to help maintain the proper positioning of the teeth. You’ve invested time and money to correct your orthodontic problems, so get the most out of the result by securing its longevity!

straighter smile

Nevertheless, did you know that there is so much more to retainers than just holding your smile in place? Here are some pieces of information we at Danbury Dental Services prepared to convince you to wear this post-orthodontic appliance.

Improve breathing 

This is a lesser-known advantage of retainers that might come as a shock to you, but yes, retainers help with breathing. There are retainers out there that are not only used to help straighten the teeth or align the jaws but are used for snoring or breathing properly at night. 

Help correct speech problems

Did you know that some kids wear retainers to help with their speech? Retainers can help adjust the placement of the tongue. Through this, kids can correctly form sounds as they develop their vocabulary.

Serve as a treatment for TMJ or Bruxism

A lot of patients that receive dental care might have problems such as bruxism or TMJ. Some retainers are useful for bruxism because they serve as a buffer between the teeth that grind together. This appliance keeps the teeth strong while also preventing tooth fractures, wear, and tear. As for TMJ, retainers help keep the jaw aligned, avoiding malocclusion and pain.

All in all, the things listed above prove that retainers have a lot of uses other than just keeping your teeth in place.


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