The Clear Alternatives to Achieving Straighter, Healthier Teeth

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Most people who are thinking of having their teeth straightened may already be aware of the clear aligner approach. With its help, achieving their dream smile no longer require the use of metal brackets and wires. Does this sound good?

At Danbury Dental Services, we offer two of the most sought-after orthodontic treatments—Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Both of which are specific brands of clear aligner that use transparent thermoplastic material molded to fit over the upper and lower dental arches. They look similar to very thin and strong mouthguards that gradually pushes the teeth to their proper positions.

clear aligners


Invisalign and ClearCorrect Aligners

Both clear aligner systems make use of custom-made trays for the treatment. Aside from being discreet, the trays are also removable—making them a more pleasant and convenient orthodontic approach. For patients who are considering Invisalign or ClearCorrect, the recommended daily wear of 20 to 22 hours from dentists should be followed for the best results possible. The only ideal conditions to remove the trays are when eating and cleaning.

To effectively move the teeth to their ideal places, both procedures use multiple sets of aligners based on the treatment plan formulated by the dentist. Instead of booking regular appointments for adjustments, patients are instructed to switch out trays typically every two weeks. Each set worn is designed to purposefully move the teeth, so as the patient moves through the series of aligners, the teeth gradually move into the places determined by the dentist.

Compared to the traditional approach, ClearCorrect and Invisalign have an average treatment time of 12 to 18 months to complete. As long as the patient follows the advice given by the dentist, completion and results are guaranteed to stay on schedule.

Advantages of Considering Clear Aligners

Safer on teeth

Traditional metal braces require the temporary adhesion of metal brackets on the enamel. After the treatment, the slight shaving of the tooth surface may be necessary for the removal of these components. Since clear aligners do not require the use of adhesives, patients are assured that there is no risk for their teeth.

Better comfort

Since both Invisalign and ClearCorrect don’t use brackets or wires, patients can expect that there are no factors that may cause pain and tissue irritations.


Since the aligners are made from virtually invisible material, patients can expect them to stay undetectable. Thanks to this feat, ClearCorrect and Invisalign are the go-to treatment for people who are conscious of how their teeth look.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is one of the issues of metal braces since the wires get in the way when flossing and brushing. Cleaning is hard when you have metal braces, while with clear aligners, the oral appliance can be removed during teeth cleaning.


Have you been avoiding teeth straightening treatments due to your dislike of having a mouthful of metal? Good news! With our Orthodontic offers in Danbury, CT, you can achieve your dream smile in a more discreet and convenient approach. Call or visit us at Danbury Dental Services!