Want Whiter Teeth? This is for You!

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Who wouldn’t want to achieve a bright white smile like the ones seen on television and magazines? Fortunately, there are claims that several products can provide people with their dream smiles. But are these claims true? For everyone to know the truth, continue reading below!

Mindless consumption of foods and beverages with intense colors, aging, certain medications, and smoking can cause the teeth to become dull over time. Due to these factors, people have been searching for a way to restore the luster of their smiles to bring back their lost confidence.

a whiter teeth

How does Teeth Whitening work?

Whitening products contain peroxide-based agents that get rid of stains that have accumulated on the teeth and causes it to look unsightly. Due to this, patients can regain the whiteness of their teeth or even have it lighter than their initial shade.

The question now is, how is this made possible? Should patients use the ones they see in oral care aisles or online? One of the most famous go-to approach people prefer is using over the counter products. These claim to have peroxide whitening agents to get rid of stains and bring back the patient’s glowing smile. Some of the products available are toothpaste, rinses, strips, and even trays. Unfortunately, this type of approach needs to be performed multiple times before the whiteness based on a patient’s goal is achieved.

Know that the best course of action is having a dental professional perform the treatment. With the help of their expertise, experience, and the strength of the whitening agents, patients are sure to get the results they are aiming for.

Why Choose the Professional Approach?

At Danbury Dental Services, we offer both in-office and at-home options to cater to the needs, as well as the preferences of our patients. Unlike any other teeth whitening products, professional whitening approach uses the highest concentration of peroxide agents to work effectively in getting rid of discolorations. With this reason alone, patients can expect that the whiteness of their smile is achievable by availing of professional teeth whitening.

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