When Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary? – Danbury, CT

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When all of the permanent teeth sit in, there’s no way for a person to extract any of those structures or they’ll end up wearing dental prostheses. Temporary pearly whites are meant to last a lifetime. If they fall out, there are no more real teeth that would replace them unlike in the case of milk teeth. Dental restorations can replace the lost pearly whites, but they do not offer the same functionality and look like the original teeth. So we at Danbury Dental Services encourage everyone to avoid extractions when not highly needed. However, many may wonder why this type of dental service is still offered in dentistry. The reason is, some instances might aggravate a person’s need for a tooth removal treatment. And that is what we will discuss below.

Patient with toothache

Patients need extractions when…

The gums are severely affected by a periodontal disease

Gum disease is not just a problem that impacts the gums. Its advanced form causes issues to the alveolar bone, periodontal ligaments, and other oral structures. Patients who failed to seek professional help for gum disease may end up suffering from loose teeth. To get rid of the wiggly tooth, an extraction is sometimes the most viable solution.

The teeth are overcrowded

Overcrowding is an orthodontic issue, but it can be fixed through extractions. Pulling a tooth or two can provide more space in the mouth. In addition, dental professionals usually conduct teeth removal procedures to patients before treating their misalignments with braces or aligners.

There’s severe decay present in the tooth

A cavity that is not treated immediately can spread, reaching the pulp. When root canal treatment can no longer repair the intensely damaged tooth, extracting it is often the last resort.

The wisdom teeth are impacted

Extractions are common to people with impacted wisdom teeth. The irregular development of third molars calls for a removal procedure because if left unattended, complications like infections and overcrowding will rise.

The goal of our practice is to provide patients with the best dental treatments in a friendly and comfortable way. Expect that your teeth extractions appointment in our clinic will go smoothly as you wish it to be.

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