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Our family-owned practice offers custom-made mouth guards in Danbury, Connecticut to help athletes protect their teeth against sports-related injury. If you or your child play sports, call us today for a high-quality mouth guard!

Dental Mouthguard in Danbury, CT

At Danbury Dental Services, we are passionate about helping athletes of all ages protect their teeth so they can perform with confidence. That’s why we offer high-quality custom-made mouth guards for adults and children. For patients who suffer from nighttime bruxism (clenching or grinding the teeth during sleep), we offer night guards.

What are Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are an essential piece of athletic equipment for athletes at every level of competition. Made from durable and tear-resistant material, mouth guards are protective devices worn over the teeth to prevent trauma from sports-related injuries. The shock-absorbant material can reduce the effects of mouth injuries, including chipped teeth, broken teeth, knocked out teeth, or lacerations in the lips, tongue or cheeks. In some cases, a properly-fitted mouth guard can help prevent severe injuries such as broken jaws or concussions.

The American Dental Association recommends mouth guards for contact sports such as boxing, football, hockey, soccer and martial arts. Mouth guards are also recommended for non-contact sports such as baseball, gymnastics, skiing, and skateboarding. For children between the ages of seven and 11, mouth guards are required to participate in many organized sports.

What are the Benefits of a Custom-Made Mouth Guard?

An effective mouth guard should be comfortable and well-fitted as to not impede breathing or speech during use. While there are a variety of commercially available mouth guards, they are often bulky and uncomfortable. Store-bought mouth guards can also slip during due to their poor fit. To ensure superior comfort and fit, our dentists recommend a custom-made mouth guard.

What are Night Guards?

Nighttime bruxism is a condition that causes patients to clench or grind their teeth during sleep. This can result in painful damage to the teeth and jaw muscles, causing headaches, worn or cracked teeth, and TMJ disorders. We offer custom-made night guards to protect your smile by reducing the contact between your teeth at night, reducing the effects of bruxism. Schedule a consultation with our friendly dental team to learn more.

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My whole family and I have been going to Dr. Patel’s practice for the last 15 years with no complaints! My teeth are healthy, the staff are friendly and the service is great! Highly recommended!

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Really very good experience during root canal. Best part is the way they take care of their patients. Very informative and friendly sessions.

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Wonderful dentist, very compassionate and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Patel. One visit and you won’t go anywhere else. He has been caring for my family and I for more than 20 years!
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