Root Canal Treatment in
Danbury, Connecticut

Root canal treatment can restore the health of teeth that have developed internal bacterial infections. If you are suffering from a severe toothache, this treatment may be able to relieve your pain and save your tooth.

Root Canal Treatment in Danbury, CT

Inside every tooth is soft tissue known as pulp which extends down to the jawbone, and it is full of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. The pulp is protected by the hard outer enamel, but a deep cavity or an oral injury can allow bacteria to access this sensitive area causing an infection.

When this occurs, symptoms may include:

  • Severe and intense toothache
  • Sensitivities to hot and cold
  • Swollen and tender lymph nodes
  • Swollen gums
  • Recurring abscesses on the gums

The most effective way to treat this infection and save the tooth is a root canal treatment. During root canal treatment, the tooth’s inner pulp will be removed and replaced with medicated fillings. These fillings promote healing and provide structure and strength for the tooth.

During your root canal treatment, we will use dental tools to access the inside of the tooth from the top. We will clean out any infected material and use an antimicrobial liquid will be to flush out the root canals. This will eliminate harmful materials down to the tooth’s root. We will then use special medicated fillings to seal the structure and to provide strength for the tooth. Finally, we will apply a dental crown to protect the tooth from breakage or fracture. Once healed, the tooth can be used like any other healthy tooth.

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Monisha D.

My whole family and I have been going to Dr. Patel’s practice for the last 15 years with no complaints! My teeth are healthy, the staff are friendly and the service is great! Highly recommended!

Prashant J.

Really very good experience during root canal. Best part is the way they take care of their patients. Very informative and friendly sessions.

Jacqueline S.

Wonderful dentist, very compassionate and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Patel. One visit and you won’t go anywhere else. He has been caring for my family and I for more than 20 years!
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